Guerilla Productions to celebrate & surprise

From beautiful event productions that celebrate art, guerilla entertainment and lifestyle;  To art installations, creative pop ups, exhibitions and pop culture.

Yellow Bunny generates opportunities to create unique, beautiful & inspiring moments for people, opinions, expressions or brands wishing to explore this and celebrate their moment in time or moment of truth

Our event productions are creative and meaningful, detailing anything the mind can conjure or the budget requires. A brave and ambitious occasion, these can be anywhere, about anything and as momentous as you need them to be.  If you or your brand have reason to celebrate, we have reason to create! Come play with us.

Purposeful Design | Meticulous Planning & Coordination |Concept curation |Art and entertainment crafting

  • Urban Production
  • Ambush marketing
  • Wild postings
  • Bagvertising (Retail bags with design purpose)
  • Lifestyle and street art
  • Guerilla content creation
  • Film, stage, photo, art safari’s
  • Celebratory productions
  • Flash Mobs /

For quotes on your production needs, please contact us via email: or visit our gallery for examples of our work.


Production Gallery